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Literacy Narrative Essay Samples For the Librarian Jobs

Literacy Narrative Essay Samples For the Librarian JobsIt is natural to want to be competitive in your college or university job, and the need to communicate effectively is no exception. The skills that you would need to excel in that environment are essential to understand for succeeding. A university teacher's position requires a level of fluency in the language and culture of that place. It is this message of fluency that has opened the door to numerous opportunities.Writing effectively is important to keeping your edge over the competition. Writing effectively has been widely regarded as an art of all stages, beginning with first drafts through to the final finished product. Professionals often read all the way through a draft to spot errors, fix problems, and ensure that clarity is retained throughout.With literacy narrative essay samples, the writing that you are required to achieve in a university role takes on a more specialized level. You are required to be skilled at matchi ng texts to spoken language and develop and present your own voice. Each element has an effect on the meaning and the writing. There are many professional writers who use these training materials to create superb professional articles for client's reference.To become a proficient writer, you must know how to use media. In addition, you must be able to discuss aspects of grammar and the rules of English usage. In order to learn how to be a student and writer, you must have the ability to research as well as writing.In addition to helping you learn about techniques and skills for writing, the literacy narrative essay samples also help you become aware of how to effectively utilize these techniques in a real world role. For example, you may be required to write a report to present to a group. The task may need to be based upon a large dataset of data.If you do not have the skills to write clearly and accurately, you cannot expect to produce an effective report. Without the ability to u se your verbal and written abilities in a manner that helps you to communicate effectively, you cannot expect your fellow classmates to comprehend your ideas. In addition, you may find it difficult to get your point across to other people and may be unable to capture their attention.To finish, the literacy narrative essay samples can help you learn how to help others in the area of writing. The skills that you will learn can assist you to be a more effective communicator in the most informal situations.

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William Shakespeare s Sonnet 30 - 1181 Words

In â€Å"Sonnet 30’’, William Shakespeare introduces the audience to a sad state of mind, extreme abstract metaphors ,and the use of very strong mechanical features ,which opens an intake on ageing love for his audience to imagine the memories of love, all regrets ,and pain that soon evaporates. â€Å"Sonnet 30’’ closely repeats â€Å"Sonnet 29’s† theme that the memories of youth are priceless and it also uses the same structure in Shakespeare’s other sonnets. The quatrains focuses on the emotions of pain with reliving mistakes he’s made. Shakespeare uses different techniques to explain the poem’s theme of remembering a lover and the sad recollections. Though most sonnets are about love the poem’s theme is narrowed on the pain of losing a loved one and the ending couplet is the solution by the pain of remembering ; he gets back everything he’s lost giving the readers a sense of reassurance that the loss o f someone can be painful but the memories of them are worth it. First, the poem begins with a clear image which is the â€Å"session† which is the court and emphasizes how public the scenery is and how he is showing his emotions even though they aren’t physically but mentally when they are supposed to be private even though they are inward emotions. While putting emphasis on the emotions throughout the poem it highlights the poets disconnect with life while he’s mentally surveying the past life and all the sadness it has brought him but clearly points out the joy of remembering. It’s aShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s Sonnet 30960 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare s writing about love is exceptionally deep and intensely layered with numerous implications and utilization of rhyme and metaphors. The power of feeling, the profundity of thought, and serious creative energy are all to be found in his sonnets. Shakespeare s Sonnets clarify the value of human relationships by showing that friendship can end one’s own sadness, that love should be commemorated, and that marriage between true minds is loyal and consistent. â€Å"But if the whileRead MoreResearch Paper on Shakespeare1586 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish II November 6th, 2012 Shakespeare William Shakespeare is one of the most well respected and time honored man of all time. His unique style, mysterious life and amazingly written sonnets make him the most studied and analyzed men to ever walk the planet. William Shakespeare, born in Stratford-upon-Avon, he was baptized on April 26th 1564, but his actual birth date is unknown. Shakespeare was the third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. William had two older sisters, Judith andRead MoreEssay about Shakespeares Sonnet 30 and Tennysons In Memoriam1302 Words   |  6 PagesLoss has been experienced over centuries and many poets have written on the subject. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 30 and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s In Memoriam are two poems from different eras that express the idea of loss. Both were written after the loss of a close male friend, and both are only one poem from a series of poems. Shakespeare lived in England where he was born in 1564 and died in 1616 and Tennyson also lived in England where he was born in 1809 and died in 1892, the poems being writtenRead More Sonnet 30 Essay1213 Words   |  5 Pagesrestored, and sorrows end† (lines 15-16). This is an excerpt from the master himself, William Shakespeare, in â€Å"Sonnet 30† also known as â€Å"When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought†. As with all of his works, this sonnet requires a lot of interpretation due to the Old English to be able to understand anything in it. â€Å"Sonnet 30† is written in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of â€Å"abab/cdcd/efef/gg†. The sonnet is a lyrical poem because it is uses first person, which signifies that there is a signalRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s The Elizabethan Era3177 Words   |  13 PagesWilliam Shakespeare, possibly the greatest writer in English language, had different views about the world than most writers. Shakespeare completely disagreed with the Elizabethan society he lived in and with the concept of time. He found his society’s views unproductive and incorrect and he believed that time should not be a part of life, since it causes too much harm. His work showed how he viewed the concept of love and friendship and how some one cannot live his or her life properly without lovingRead More A Comparison of Romantic Love in Shakespeares Sonnets As You Like It2069 Words   |  9 PagesShakespeares Sonnets Romantic Love in As You Like It      Ã‚  Ã‚   Shakespeares comedy As You Like It is clearly a pastoral comedy with a country setting, a theme revolving around love and a story which consists of a series of accidental meetings between characters and a resolution involving transformations of characters and divine intervention.   The comedy involves the traditional literary device of moving urban characters into the country where they have to deal with life in a different mannerRead MoreYolo1583 Words   |  7 Pageshimself and the people around him. Demonstrate critical thinking skills, such as problem solving as it relates to social issues. Week 11 13 - England : Sonnet 29 -William Shakespeare Discuss the denotative and connotative meaning of words found in some lines in the poem Paraphrase the poem Discuss the biography of E .B. Browning in relation with her sonnet Discuss the closure in the poem. Research theories on remembering and forgetting. Relate your research to the speaker in the poem. Library ResearchRead MoreTypes Of Poetry : A Poem Which Deals With Religious Themes, Love, Tragedy, Domestic Crimes, Essay2495 Words   |  10 Pageslyrics are common. Sonnets and odes also apply. Example- Fallen by Freddie Robinson Jr. I fall in love so easily The simplest act of kindness often deeply moves me I fall in love so effortlessly Hearing a stranger s voice often stir up fond memories Love can be found in all things that people do and say Searching for love can be such a joy Especially when you don t know exactly what you re looking for Falling in love is the gentlest fall It s the most wonderful tripRead More Love in Shakespeares As You Like It Essay1732 Words   |  7 Pagescenturies, men have pondered many great questions. Among these is the question: What is love? There is no doubt that the greatest name in English literature, Shakespeare, sought to answer this question for himself. Indeed, Shakespeare recorded his answer in many of the sonnets and plays he wrote, including As You Like It. As Shakespeare learned in seeking to answer this question, love is many things, which in this play he observes through the characters of the play, but most directly through Silvius:Read MoreA Brief Biography on Edgar Allan Poe Essay882 Words   |  4 PagesJanuary 19, 1809. Poe`s parents were Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe Jr. Poe was named after a character in William`s Shakespeare King Lear. Poe was baptized at Episcopal Church in 1812.His mom was an actress and his dad was an actor. Poe`s dad abandoned the family in 1810. Poe had 2 siblings. His brother was named William Henry Leonard he was a writer, sailor, and poet. He was born in Boston on Jan 30, 1807. Poe`s brother died August 1, 1831 of alcoholism and tuberculosis. Edgar`s sister was Rosalie

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Manchester United Economic Impact free essay sample

Impact Manchester United’s Economic Impact By Dalton Truax For Mike Pearson Sports Marketing Management 28 February 2013 Introduction Manchester United is the most valuable sports club to exist so surely the club must make the city a lot of money every year, right? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and the most popular soccer club in the world is Manchester United. There is no denial that Manchester United has had a huge cultural impact as well as made many social contributions to its locale, but what about the team’s economic impact? Manchester United has influenced the local and regional economy in many ways, with most of them being exclusively positive. Some of the ways the club has influenced the local and regional economy are through networking, the economic impact of the supporters, employment, real estate, multiplier effects, and marketing of the city. Networks, Suppliers, Supporters I will first focus on Manchester United’s economic impact through networking, suppliers, and attracted supporters. First and foremost, there is most definitely an economic impact as a result of networking and suppliers. Penn’s model illustrates how a soccer club can play a role in regional development, using three possible network types. [1] In the first model (Figure 1), the club operates as an isolated business. The development effect is limited to the income that is spent again in the local economy, the income multiplier. The second model (Figure 2) embodies the situation in which the club has relations with other local companies like suppliers, subcontractors, and others, where the club is the heart of the economical development. The given companies depend very much on the club. The last model (Figure 3) describes a network that does not exclusively depend on the soccer club. This is the case with the sponsor and merchandising network of Manchester United. Although the sponsor and merchandising networks are mostly situated on a national level, some of these companies can have an impact on the local scale. [2] Figure 1 [pic] Figure 2 [pic] Figure 3[pic] Manchester United has a worldwide fan base. There are supporters clubs all over the world because of their popularity. Supporters have an economical impact on the regional and local economy because of what they spend on transport, drinks, food, etc. A study on Manchester United supporters shows us that a supporter spends an average of $25 on drinks, food, and other products per match. [3] If the supporters are from outside the region, they bring in money to the local economy. We have to take into account that the soccer related expenses by local supporters are not an extra input for the local economy. A very limited number of seats are reserved for the supporters of the opposing team. 0% of the supporters are local, 40% are from the northwest region outside of the local community, and from outside the regional community are another 30%. [4] This means that a total of 70% of the supporters can generate a positive economic impact for the local economy, and 30% can do this for the regional economy. There were 68,187 seats in Old Trafford in 2010 and around 40 matches a year. This results in a yearly net income of $4,221,560,700. On a regional scale, this results in $18,092,403,000 every year. 5] These supporters’ expenditures end up especially in the hands of the hotel and catering industry in the immediate area around the stadium. Hotels are almost always full on the day of games. The direct employment by the club also has an economical impact, which is magnified by the income multiplier. The players may also influence the real estate market quite a bit; players often invest in residential developments and other real estate operations. It is assumed that the presence of soccer players in a neighborhood can add to the attraction of that neighborhood. Some real estate agencies even try to attract soccer players to luxurious neighborhoods just so that they can attract other wealthy people. [6] National Image Because of globalization, cities and regions worldwide have entered into a struggle for investment, tourism, and development. Marketing of the city is a very important tool when it comes to this. The question is which role sports, and more specifically soccer clubs like Manchester United, can play here. Entertainment is playing a bigger and bigger role in society as the years go by. So, how does the government view Manchester United in this matter? The government acknowledges the important role Manchester United plays as a catalyst for marketing of the city. They regard Manchester United mainly as a publicity channel for the region to attempt to attract tourists, as well as companies to the region. Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council also uses the presence of Manchester United to further develop the area around the club. They have a long-term vision for the development of Old Trafford, the team’s historic stadium. The role of Manchester United in attracting businesses is very significant. The club can attract businesses itself but can only do this for businesses that benefit from the actual matches taking place, such as pubs and hotels. On the other hand, the club functions as a publicity channel for the region. It draws attention, and is always a good way to start a conversation. In this way, the club has indirectly made a large contribution to bring businesses and investments to the region. The brand name is known all over the world and puts Manchester on the map. Therefore it is of extreme importance that the club keeps a positive image and identity for the city. Conclusion We can conclude that Manchester United does not only have a cultural importance, but that they can also make an economical contribution by networking, the impact of supporters on surrounding businesses, and the role they might play in marketing for the city and regional development. The economic impact of Manchester United is vast and in many ways cannot even be described in numbers. [1]https://aow. kuleuven. be/geografie/toekomstigestudenten/onderzoek/vandenbroucke/fig1b_penn_model. gif [2]http://aow. kuleuven. e/geografie/toekomstigestudenten/onderzoek/vandenbroucke/index. html [3]http://www. foxbusiness. com/personal-finance/2011/12/20/5-pricey-nfl-stadiums-that-will-sack-your-wallet/ [4]http://www. telegraph. co. uk/sport/football/competitions/premier-league/9795377/Twitter-map-finally-reveals-exactly-where-Manchester-United-fans-live. html [5]http://www. bloomberg. com/news/2012-02-21/manchester-united-quarterly-profit-rises-31-on-finance-costs-sponsors. html [6]http ://lifestyle. ezinemark. com/luxurious-houses-of-premier-league-players-773659074564. html

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How Corporate Taxes Help Our Economy free essay sample

This paper examines the national debate on corporate taxes and its effect on the United States economy. This paper explores the issues and history of corporate taxation. Corporations are taxed at a rate depending on their income. This paper discusses the pros and cons of dropping the corporate tax, the methods which can be used to drop or lower corporate taxes and why. The paper includes charts and statistics concerning corporate taxes. Table of Contents I. The Beginning of Corporate Income Tax II. The 1986 Tax Reform Act III. How Does Taxes Affect Business IV. Corporate Tax Rates V. Decline of the Corporate Income Tax VI. Why the Wide Range Between State and Corporate Taxes VII. How Does Corporate Tax Work with Multi-state Manufacturers? VIII. Does the Corporate Tax Help IX. Proposals of Corporate Income Tax X. Need of Stimulus XI. Future Research Concerning Corporate Taxes XII. Conclusions XIII. Works Cited Where did the corporate income tax begin? How does it affect our economy? What is the future of the corporate income tax? Will deleting corporate income tax be the answer for the economy? What about cutting part of this tax? How does the corporate income tax help the economy? These are questions that will be answered in this paper as well as how the corporate tax is affecting our economy now. We will write a custom essay sample on How Corporate Taxes Help Our Economy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Beginning of Corporate Income Tax How the corporate tax began is an example of why tax systems can be worse than they should be and how little influence the economic profession has on government policy (Norton 2). Sometimes ideals look great when they are not that sound. Corporate taxes were used during wartime until 1909, when Congress enacted a 1 percent tax on corporation income. The rate increased until 1932 to 12.5 percent when the rate was changed to the progressive rates. Norton stated, Surtaxes on corporate income were added for excess profits during both world wars. The highest peacetime rate, 52.8 percent, was reached in the sixties (2).

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Chipko Movement Case Study Essay Example

Chipko Movement Case Study Essay Example Chipko Movement Case Study Essay Chipko Movement Case Study Essay Case Study on Chipko Movement The Chipko movement of the Uttarakhand region in the northwest part of India began as a communal reaction of local villagers to protect their forests from commercial deforestation practices. The term Chipko which literally means to embrace, was designated to these villagers who reacted by actually hugging the trees. It became so popular that the movement spread throughout all of India and different parts of Asia. Local women of the region are central to the movements success and continue to be its backbone. In fact over the decades, Chipko has been known for its ecofeminist strategies. This case study will examine the development of the envrionmental problems over the decades and study the social and cultural elements implicit in the communities of the Uttarkhand Himalyan region. From 1815 to 1949 Uttarakhand was divided into two kingdoms, Tehri Garhwal state and the colonial territory of Kumaun (Shiva, 7). The political structure of hill society in those two kingdoms was distinct from the rest of India in that along with the prescense of communal tradition, there as an absence of sharp class division (Shiva 14). The land was understood to belong to the community rather as a whole even though there was a caste system in place. The natural environment for the hill people consisted of a system of tillage and methods of crop rotation (Shiva 15). The production was directed towards subsistence in which the surplus was exported to Tibet and southwards to the plains. In fact, the communities living in the hill usually had six months of stock in grain with supplement of fish, fruit, vegetable, and animal meat (Shiva, 15). The hill district constituted over 60% of owner-cultivators and 80% of the total population farmed with the help of family labour. By the turn of the century, nine-tenths of the hill men cultivated with full-ownership rights . The absence of sharp inequalities in land ownership within body cultivating propietors who formed bulk populationwas basis for sense solidarity village community. Because those who owned worked community together to sustain their existence. men not only maintained household economy by collecting fooder fuel and food family they equally with husbands field cultivated reared cattle as well. The absence of intermediaries and class divisions within the villages is also due to the ecological characteristics of mountain society. look at page 30 for the way tradition played a role in the preservation of the environment and the way villagers worked with nature. The building of railway network that began the science forestry and social change of the community. Forestr y in Gharwal Forestry in Kumaun Early Resistence to the forestry techniques and rules. In the recent decades, the availability of natural resources to the rural communities of the Uttarakhand region as well as in other rural communities has eroded tremendously due to two linear, interrelated processes that have undermined the traditional institutional arrangement of resource use and management which existed in many of the areas: 1) the degradation of the forests both in quantity and quality and 2) the appropriation of land by state to preferred ndividuals and the privatization of land to timber or profit-seeking corporations. As a result there has been a shift away from community resource management and control which was proven to be more effective in ecological regeneration and deteriorating soil conditions, depleting water resources, and disappearing forests. Although there is no exact data as to the extent of the degeneration, there is enough that indicates the depletion of the resources as real and substantial, increasing at a rapid rate under the control of external hands.

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Sex and Desire in Contemporary China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sex and Desire in Contemporary China - Essay Example China is undergoing a complex evolution process in which modernization is significantly affecting the way the Chinese community interacts sexually. The rapid change in the economy and culture has altered the sexual relationships and desires in the society. This paper will critically analyze the changes on sex and desire during the reign of Mao Zedong and the contemporary society. Today, China has undergone various changes on their views on extramarital affairs. Adultery and behaviors associated with adultery were termed as byproducts of capitalism. However, adultery was only recognized as an offense when it was practiced by the woman (Sheridan 15). Mao Zedong was married to many wives; yet he routinely abused young girls from the peasant family. However, he recommended for severe punishment for any person who was caught practicing adultery. In the contemporary society, the globalization of the economy has led to the post-revolution sex liberation where the moral value of sexual relat ionship has been eroded. This means that the society has confusedly encoded the morals of sex and desires into the rapidly changing social and market economies of the country. Mao Zedong is known to have advocated for the rights of women in the Chinese society. However, he is known to have sexually abused many peasant girls during his rule (Bullough 34). According to his physician, Li Zhisui, Mao is known to have infected many peasant girls with various venereal diseases. Mao’s sexual desires were insatiable, and he is said to have sexually abused many young girls despite his polygamous marriage. This significantly promoted sexual immorality in the society. The men in the Chinese society sexually abuse the young girls in the society. However, today women have their rights in various issues including sexual matters. The contemporary society advocates for sexual satisfaction among the women. Furthermore, the law provides for the punishment of the sex offenders in the society. D uring the Imperial era, the woman was expected to be submissive and obedient to their fathers, elder brothers, husband and sons following the husband’s death. During Mao’s communist era, there was liberation and revolution of the role of the woman in the society (Bullough 12). In 1950, the Marriage Law was enacted by the People’s Republic of China (RPC). However, the law was not followed, and the role of women during this time was similar to that of the traditional Chinese society. Mao’s behavior and attitude towards women also contributed to the failure of this law. In the contemporary society, the society recognizes equal rights for both sexes. In addition, the law protects the interest of the woman in the society. During the time of Mao Zedong, same sex relationships were abolished and discouraged in the society. Mao, a communist who advocated for Marxist principle, termed homosexuality as products capitalism (Ruan 30). Homosexuals and lesbians were ex communicated from the communalist community due to their sexual preferences. In 1997, homosexuality was accepted in the society. In addition, since 2002 it is no longer recognized as a mental disorder. In the Chinese government, various officials, for example, Li Yinhe, is a supporter of the lesbian, transgender, gay and bisexual people in the society (Evans 56). Since 2003, the modern day Chinese government has proposed